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Alarm design for isolated single-family houses in Mallorca

Alarm design for isolated single-family houses in Mallorca

In ecomotics we have been designing and installing alarm systems in Mallorca for 20 years. In this post, we will explain how is our ideal system for an alarm system for an isolated single-family house.

In the case of this type of real estate, our design is based on the 3 security circles, so we identify and differentiate the three areas on which we will base our design:

  1. Inner zone
  2. Interior perimeter zone (walls, floors, ceilings, windows and doors).
  3. Outside perimeter area (Garden, terraces, alleys).

For each of the zones, there are different detection elements specially designed to work in each of the zones described above. For example, for each of the zones manufacturers have:

1. Inner zone
Passive infrared detector (PIR). (with or without anti-mask).
Dual technology detector (infrared + microwave) (with or without anti-mask).
Microphone Detector
Smoke detector.
Gas detector.
CO2 detector
Flood detector.

2. Inner perimeter zone:
Magnetic contact for doors and windows.
Glass break detector (microphone and pressure).
Seismic detector To detect butrones.

3. Outside perimeter zone:
Passive infrared dual pyrosensor detector. (with or without anti-mask).
Dual technology detector (double infrared + microwave) (with or without anti-mask).
Active infrared barrier. They allow up to 200 linear meters of detection.
Microwave barrier
Fiber optic sensor cable (formerly used coaxial cable). For the protection of fences, fences and walls. It is detected when they try to scale it.
Inductive cable buried. Invisible underground protection for outdoors.
Video analysis Video system with algorithms that analyze the image to detect situations of risk and danger. (It can also be used indoors).

The ideal for an isolated single-family home, is to have the 3 security circles protected, because they allow protection even when there are people inside and, in addition, the intruder is detected before accessing the interior of the house, so it is the Safer solution for people.

In ecomotics, in addition to taking security into account, we give value to our projects by providing the system with home automation functions. For example:

  • We can turn on the exterior lights when an intruder is detected, in this way we manage to scare him away and avoid greater evils.
  • Open the motorized door of the farm with a missed call from the authorized mobile or smartphone app. At the same time, turn on the guidance lights to the garage.
  • Close the solenoid valve that controls the general water when a water leak is detected. And the same can be achieved with a gas detection.
  • Avoid to provide access keys to the farm to gardeners or other maintenance services for the outside, they could access by missed call only by opening the farm, but not disconnecting the alarm system.

Our alarm system allows you to be remotely controlled from the app or PC for free, as well as receive the alarm messages totally free through the app, by email and by SMS.

The possibilities are almost endless, contact us and we will be happy to advise you and present an offer without obligation. Call us at 971 09 60 15 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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